"With only one bag, you can change your outfit completely"  – Sonia Rykiel

The love for leather bags and accessories seems to run in my blood: as a child I already asked them as gifts for my birthday. More than just a finishing touch to your outfit, I see a bag filled with personal items as an intimate possession. Something to treat yourself to and then cherish lovingly.


Perhaps not surprising that as I got older I lost my heart to the ultimate achievable in that area: the designer brands. Its style and quality became a source of inspiration and I regularly spoiled myself with a new purchase.


Years of personal user experience taught me what I liked and what I didn't like. For example, a bag must be light. Pockets that you don't fill up and unnecessary zippers, are not necessary. Leather that start to look cheap is also disappointing.


That is how I came to the ideal bag and perfect small leather goods. Timeless classics to always stay in fashion. The best quality to enjoy for many years. And manufactured sustainably, because taking the environment, people and animals into account is just as important as looking good.


It took some courage to slow down my career at the Ministry of Defense and realize my dream of turning my passion into my profession. I started Amoiia with heart and soul, in the hope that you will enjoy a new bag as much as I always do.